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VIDAVO at a glance

VIDAVO develops innovative mobile applications, assisting citizens on-the-move and medical professionals to better manage health and wellness.
VIDAVO innovates, bringing healthcare via your mobile device!
The company addresses health & social care providers, policy makers, insurance companies, ICT companies wishing to differentiate and specialize, patients, telecom operators and any health related stakeholder group.


Patient centric healthcare, everywhere


VIDAVO offers:
  • Innovative solutions, addressing the individual needs of citizens and healthcare professionals
  • Novel e-health services
  • Hand-held, carry-on, put-on attractive technology products, encouraging citizens to undertake an active role in monitoring their health and wellness status
  • A proven methodology to bridge the gap between research results and commercial exploitation


VIDAVO as an “idea” was born in the early ‘90s, when the research interest of its President, Pantelis Angelidis, was focused on the health field.
It was the early ‘00s when the company was established as a research oriented entity.
By 2005, VIDAVO SA was created and commercial products, based on research outcomes, where launched in the Greek market.


Two patents, several distinctions on European level as well as awards on innovative marketing, innovative ideas and business models.

Investee – Investor

VIDAVO early attracted venture capital seed funds and entered THERMI incubator, key stakeholder today, on 2005. On 2010 the company raises capital through private placement and enters the Alternative Market of Athens Stock Exchange (OASIS: BINTA). As the company matured, it provided itself capital to:
Photoral, a Harvard biophotonics spin-off
Kervervus, a SW company active in Western and SE Europe, listed at the Emerging Companies Market, of Cyprus Stock Exchange
Echmi SA, a consulting company active in the Balkans, listed at the Emerging Companies Market, of Cyprus Stock Exchange

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Web Design Atlanta

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These are the services we provide, these makes us stand apart.

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Services for real needs

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«I loved visiting Vidavo and meeting your team. You should keep at it, now that you've gotten it to this point.

There is a big value-add in what you're doing.»


Marina Hatsopoulos, Entrepreneur and Angel investor

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The scope of our work is only limited by imagination.

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A detailed overview of past and today's market information of Vidavo's S.A. stock, which is indetified by the the ticker of symbol OASIS, vidavo.

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For more information please contact Markella Psymarnou.

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Thank you for your interest in Vidavo. Have a question, inquiry or feedback for us, send us an e-mail.

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